Wondering in the Olympics


So took the Jeep Saturday to one of my favorite spots in the Brothers region of the Olympics. Silver Creek and Tull Canyon. Got to test out how well the SPOT Communicator worked as well. Did not have the time to do much hiking, I had to be back in the Harbor buy 4:30PM to help on of the nieces celebrate. Birthday #22.

That and I really did not have the 10 essentials with me. This trip was more about getting out of the house since I have been cooped up for two weeks after my arm surgery. The Wrangler did great on the Forrest Service roads; really why wouldn’t it? Oh, and snow. At about 3,000 feet there was snow.


The SPOT did good as well. Though I came to the conclusion that I wish it also had a track and OK button on it like other SPOT devices. Since you can only turn on tracking for 24 hours, it mean that if I want to update my shared tracking page, once a day I have to turn on the phone, connect it to the phone, turn on tracking, then shut off the phone. Since phones can have horrible battery life, if amazes me that they did not leave an OK and Track buttons on the device.

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