So, it seems I need Surgery on my Arm…

So remember last month when something went twang in my left arm? Well it turns out it was my bicep and it tore. On the other hand (arm) the PA who saw me did not really catch that it more than a small muscle tear, did not follow protocol and call the on-call Ortho surgeon. Looks like she should of. My bicep needs to be sewn back together.

However since it’s been over a month, the tendon has retracted enough that fixing it may require getting a bit on tendon from somewhere else on my body. Just what bit on tendon do I not use that often that I can live without? Not sure. Surgery could happen as early as this Monday. I’ll keep you updated.

This would be my first time under the knife, and ya know what, I’m pretty meh about it. That may change as they put me under general anesthesia …

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  1. Jeff says:

    So, looks like today (Monday) I’ll be going in for surgery at 3PM.

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