Another Example of Science Fiction Becoming Science Fact…

krell-helmet-forbidden-planet-1So a couple of years ago the mind control toys started hitting the market. You know which ones I mean. The one that use an EEG sensor and allow you to control the motion or path of a ball with the “power of your mind”.  I don’t know what it was the other day that made me suddenly connect these toys to the classic science fiction movie Forbidden Planet. I am going to assume you’ve seen this movie. I’m not going to extol the wonders of  this cinema classic.

So remember that scene when Dr. Morbius shows the crew United Planets Cruiser C57-D the Krell “plastic educator”.  The device that  read the users thoughts and could create an object they could think of?

Just how far way are we from that? With advances in 3-d printing?

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