I haz Jeep!!

So after two years of talking about it, I finally got my Jeep Wrangler. Last Saturday morning I stopped by my sisters house and picked up my nieces Sami and Kate. Then we headed over to the Tahuay State Forest where there are some nice beginner 4×4 trails. I got to get my Jeep muddy and it was a blast!! I’m hooked! Created a little video called “First Mud”.

While going through Belfair we fell behind 4 other Jeeps coming out of the local safeway. We followed them to the staging area they let us join them (even lent us a FRS radio).

Even though it is a beginner trail, there was one steep place near the entrance that made my passengers (and me) a bit nervous. I think Sami left fingernail marks on the handle on the dash. Did not think of catching that on video. Sami explained it to her parents as “It’s was steeper than uncle Jeff’s driveway”.

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