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So a few weeks ago I received an email that I almost deleted thinking it was spam or a phishing scam. They wanted to talk to me about the rights to my Northhead Light House photo on the wallpaper page of HAWS.NET. It was signed by the Executive Assistant of Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler of Washington State.  She represents Washington States 3rd district, which includes Ilwacco, WA where the light house is located.

They liked the photo so much that emailed me to ask for permission to print it for their Washington DC Office.  I was carrying three cameras the day I took those photos, one of which was my iPhone (original).  Of all the photos they wanted, it was the one taken with the 2.0  Megapixle camera on the iPhone!  I was worried that it would not look good if they tried to print it too large. I’m still waiting to see how large of print they made and where it’s been placed. I’m sure I’ll get a photo of my photo with the Congresswoman.

So, you can understand how excited I am  about this.  Oh, and a big thanks to Mom who bought me that first Cannon AE-1 (my first “real” camera) back in 1977 !

UPDATE 5/14/2011  I received a thank you note form Congresswoman Herrera Beutler in the mail today.

Executive Assistant

Congresswoman Herrera Beutler

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