How not to Upgrade your App Users

It may be because I’m over 50, but I like KING5 News. So I of course use their iPhone App to get the latest local news. It usually makes a great companion to the evening news for me. As far as iPhone Apps go it’s “OK”. The one thing that always bugged about it was the way it handled photos. You would get a small image thumbnail at the top of some stories. It and the obligatory “More photos” link under it. That would just open a new page with the same tiny photo. You could pinch and zoom, but soon find out the resolution of the photo was such that it did not help.

So today I went to open the application and got this message:


Odd I have both 3G and WIFI why the network connection error? Oh well I hit OK and and press the “available on the iPhone app store” button. Only to get this:


Mmm – OK so now it makes me open the same page in Mobile Safari.


And now I can finally press the App Store button and be taken to the app store on my phone where I download a brand new application ? Not even upgrading my current application? Making me delete the old application? Really? Those of you with an IOS Device must realize this has got to the worst experience ever to upgrade any application. It all leads me to believe that someone’s nephew or niece is behind this application. Which by the way, I will still use. I just want this warning out there for App Developers this is not the way to do it.

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