I for One Will Welcome Our New Overlords…

So you may have see this announcement in the press. Very mysterious. What could it be? My friends and I have been speculating. It’s either going to be about all the data we have on Mars or one of the jovian moons. Maybe even something to do with the sudden explosion of exoplanets that have been announced lately.

My money is on Mars or Europa. I say Europa because I want Arthur C. Clarke to be right!

Either way mark you calendar for 2PM EST this Thursday! Watch the news, and watch the skies…

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2 Responses to I for One Will Welcome Our New Overlords…

  1. Niri says:

    NASA scientist Felisa Wolfe Simon will announce that they have found a bacteria whose DNA is completely alien to what we know today. Instead of using phosphorus, the bacteria uses arsenic.

  2. Jeff says:

    Ahh. I was reading on bad astronomy late yesterday that this was a candidate subject. All members of the panel at the press conference shared a common link with studying the lake that has this bacteria.

    can you say “Andromeda Strain”?

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