Ship Ahoy! I mean DUCK!!!

OK, so for some time we have had this small wooden model of a schooner on the ledge in the entry way. I came home tonight and found it on the floor below. I knew what happened right away. Sofia our Russian Blue was probably picking on and chasing Otto our Rag Doll. Otto likes to hide from Sofia behind the sarcophagus (yes, we have a sarcophagus) and he had knocked it over to get there is the past. Never has he knocked stuff over the ledge though.

So here is the fun part of the story. I pick up the ship and I feel a tug. My first thought was that I was standing on a piece of rigging. Nope. It seems the ship went nose first to the floor and that the bowsprit went right into the floor like wooden nail and taking some of the rigging with it. Not sure how I’ll repair this or just sand it down. I figure that the bowsprit See the pictures.

If I did not know better, I would swear that Sophia was on the ledge and waiting for just the right moment for Otto to walk by… but that would be too much like a cartoon 🙂

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