40 Years Ago Today

apollo11patchThe Anniversary of the moon landing has come and gone for the 40th time today. I do so remember this day. I had just celebrated my 11th birthday a few weeks before. I can remember laying down on the living room carpet with my elbows on the dug into the gold shag carpet and my my hands supporting my chin.  Nearby, my 3′ tall polystyrene model of the Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket, with command module and removable lunar lander. I can remember Walter Cronkite almost in tears. It’s also one of the few memories I have of my father. A memory of us walking to the font yard on a clear summers day and seeing a waxing gibbous moon hanging in the sky and us standing there, in awe.  It’s a day I will never forget.

I can not think of a better time in my life for this to happen. If I were a few years younger the wonder would have been lost on me. A few years older and I might not had been as interested.

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