They’re Back

My local Safeway now has Circus Animal cookies back.

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2 Responses to They’re Back

  1. Henry says:


    Jeff…. check the pull date… are they new? If so send some to me in new York right away please…. :0 Yaaaayyyyy. I have hated the evil shrub-fund dirtbags that eliminated the company that makes my favorite cookies even more than than all the ill will I have heaped upon Howard Shultz and his dark java empire.

    Frosted Animal cookies are indeed simply happiness in a bag…..I miss them soooo very much.

    I found the Keebler version at a store in Boomington, IN while I was at a scientific meeting at Indiana U …. they were horrible 😛
    I donated what was left of the small snack pack to an anthill…. Upon observation I noted that the colony diverted their little “freeway” around the cookies, avoiding them. Hmmmm….

  2. Jeff says:

    Henry, send me your postal address ( and I’ll ship a couple bags your way !

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