Beautiful Cycling Moment

I wish I had a picture to share with you. Instead you’ll have to settle for my words.

So there I was pulling 18mph, pleasant afternoon ride. Between Tukwila and Kent on my evening commute. I am listening to my iPod (no scolding please) and the track “Leaving Port” from the soundtrack of Titanic comes one. Just then a barn swallow flys along my left side and starts pacing me. Then ever so slowly and with grace and precision it glides right in front of me. There it hovers, right between the horns of my handle bars and 2-3″ above them. It just hovers there while we are both doing 18 mph. Beating his wings on occasion as if he didn’t really need to.  This went on for what seems like forever, in reality it was closer to a full 40 seconds. It was as if it was leading me somewhere. In a sense it did lead me to some where. A very cool peaceful place. Let me tell you, with that music and that bird, every problem at the end of the day just went away. It was just one of those moments that words can not do justice, I had to try.

It was such a tranquil moment. So tranquil, had it had been a movie, it would have been at that point where the huge Mack Truck comes out of nowhere blaring it’s horn and takes me out.

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6 Responses to Beautiful Cycling Moment

  1. Niri says:

    That post does not require any pictures Jeff. What a great description and an amazing experience!

  2. Linda T. says:

    Yes, it sounds like it was wonderful, and clearly the bird was helping you to shed the crap you had to deal with at work.

    But I think you need to start asking Netflix for more *positive*, feel-good movies, Jeff!! Yeesh! (First image that entered my brain was the opening scene from Men In Black) 😉

  3. claudia says:

    that’s a fantastic story but why does it have to end with death.

  4. Jeff says:

    Ya know what’s funny? 2-3 tracks later the opening theme from MIB came on and I thought — Oh – that would have been perfect!

    Claudia — in my movie, the scene would have cut to me in the hospital, followed by a montage physical therapy session, training to get back on my bike … all done to Eye of the tiger, giving it that comic feel. So no death.

  5. Jen says:

    Jeff, thanks so much for sharing that story. Can I pass it along to my cycling friends?

  6. Jeff says:

    Jen, that’s why it on HAWS.NET – to be shared 🙂

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