There is Starbucks in my Office!!

Starbucks in My Office

Starbucks in My Office

Well sort of. Recently a couple of co-workers returned from spending the week working at our downtown office which has a SBUX located in the same building. When they returned they expressed their addiction to SBUX by trying to convince people we should put one in our building.  When we arrived at the office this morning we found this in the empty cubicle we share.

A big thank you to our anonymous friend who put this together. Each of the paper figures has out name on it. From left to Right, Carol, Linda, Burke (behind counter), me and Claudia.

We are still trying to figure out why Burke is the Barista in this diorama and why he is sad.


We now know who did it It was Ramon and his three girls Spohy (age 14) , Honora (age 16) and Leandra (age 12).  A big THANK YOU to all of you.  Besides our small group the whole office has been coming by and checking out our new Starbucks.

So according to our artists, the reason that Burke is the barista,  is that “Burke the Barista” just sounded right and he’s the boss. Why is he sad? Well according to the same email “…because he’s a barista and apparently he has no feeling in his hands because of all the burns.”

This little diorama has taken on a life of it’s own. We have all added little customizations. Here are some pics.

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