My Shame now forgotten

OK so way back in 1998 I created a web page for – by 1998 standards it was OK. They never updated that page. As years went by it became my priavte shame. Looking like the classic early internet pages. I even wrote it on my OS/2 machine. Everyone loved how I animated the waterfall. I remember trying to make it render properly in AOL’s broswer, Netscape and IE.

I check on it now and then, just to see if it was updated.  Hoping someone would erase my shame. As every year passed, the page became more and more outdated. Like the avocado green refrigerator in the kitchen or that Spice Girls album.  Well today when I peeked at it..

It finally looks like they found someone to update it! To see what I am talking about, here is the page from the internet archive, and here is the page now. As you can see big difference. I have the urge to track down who ever is responsible and thank them for removing this eye-sore from the internet.

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