PayPal Plans to Ban Unsafe Browsers

PayPal Plans to Ban Unsafe Browsers

“Barrett only mentioned old, out-of-support versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer among this group of “unsafe browsers,” but it’s clear his warning extends to Apple’s Safari browser, which offers no anti-phishing protection and does not support the use of EV SSL certificates.”

Seems to me that you would have to include current versions of IE too. I mean come on. I would not use IE that was currently patched and bloated with AV software to do anything I wanted to keep secure.

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3 Responses to PayPal Plans to Ban Unsafe Browsers

  1. DougW says:

    Comeon Jeff, Nobody uses IE anymore…. not after Firefox became available! Be real!

  2. Jeff says:

    Well people like you and me will not use IE… but what about those non-computer savvy family members? you know who I mean. The family member you do not want to help. The one that debates weather of not they should sign up fol AOL. We all have one 🙂

    So this will be a good thing for those people. When they realize that they can not buy something on ebay with their Paypal account on their Windows 98 PC. Everyone wins.

  3. DougW says:

    Well, I still have a Pentium 166, it runs Debian and Firefox, but it is so slow that I doubt that I’ve booted it in the last 18 months (it used to be a Win 98 box). Will Win 98 even run anymore? on Anything?

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