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So I sat down last night to start writing some objective C for a program that I felt the world needed. In my research I found that someone has already done it, and a fairly good job at that.

It’s called Home Zone.

It allows you to set events based on the Bluetooth devices, wireless and wired networks you Mac can see. So the way I use it is to insure that when ever my Mac sees the home wireless network, it disables the need for a password on wake up from the screen saver. When I arrive at the office and it sees my office wireless network, it makes sure that a password is required AND mutes the system volume.

The configuration and set up needs some work. The drop down do not show my wireless networks. I did figure out how to manually add them – and you have to type fast before the next network search wipes what you have already typed.

What’s cool is that you have the ability to perform action if ALL the networks/devices are visible or ANY of them are visible. So let say I want to be sure that my screen saver requires a password only if my Mac can see the home wireless network AND my bluetooth enabled phone is near by too. When both are around then I do not have to type my password.

Other events include things like setting default printers, open a file run iSync, etc.

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