Ahh Relaxing…

Robin finds a Scapbook store So Robin found a little Scrap Booking store in Wailuku called Island Paperie and next door is a little internet coffee shop. So I’m taking a few moments to blog.It’s been fun couple of days. We have not really done on touristy thing. That might change today now that we on the North end of the Island. We are thinking about taking one of the pineapple plantation tours.

 DSCN0205.JPGWe had dinner at Mama’s Fish House. When went in 2003 we just stopped in on our way back from Hana without a reservation. That got us a small table near the kitchen. This time we had reservation a week ahead of time and we were rewarded with a much better table. The food and service as always was wonderful. See the flickr stream or the mac gallery for pics.As I type this the weather is overcast (our first overcast day) and a nice 74 degrees.I have only checked work email once, wait .. no twice. That’s it I swear! 

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