Oh yeah, I forgot, I opened the worlds hardest puzzle


Before and After (after photo altered so not to revel solution)

I have been so busy with the holidays and catching up to with work at the office that I forgot to post anything about Christmas. So the two fun gifts I got for the holiday were the WI-FI Enabled tee shirt and the Isis Puzzle. This shirt is fun. It makes me the king of the geeks.

The Isis Puzzle is billed as the worlds hardest puzzle. I received it on Christmas Day and after solving the first two of ten ciphers, I had it open in about an hour total time. It’s really a pretty good puzzle, so I will not post the solution here. Only problem is I am not done. After opening the puzzle there is a number inside. So once I go to their website and fill in the number on the outside of the Isis and the corresponding number on the inside (proving I have opened it) I am now involved in an online puzzle that that has been unsolved since last October. I need to try and be the first of the 103 other people to solve it. If I don’t solve it — I am out of the running for any prize. I only get one attempt a day to enter the solution into the website.

Who gave me these two great gifts? Both of them came from Robin of course!

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