Blast from the Past

This post is mainly for my co-workers who will get a really big kick out of this.

So, not to sound like a quote from Office Space, I have had to move my desk twice in the last 4 weeks. So as I was going through some old unlabeled CD’s I found a special one.

Turn the clock back to January 1998. Almost 10 years to the day. The manager of the Help Desk Nancy Read-Rojas was moving on to another job. I wanted to do something nice. So there was this thing called the web and HTML back then. I thought, let’s make a multimedia CD, and to be sure that it works in 10 years, lets use HTML. So we had as many people as we could sit in front of a round contectix web cam, and gave them a choice of a photo or movie.. and it still works on the web today. notice the subtle use of the BLINK tag.

So turn on the way back machine and browse the CD.

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