Who Would Have Thought?

sounderwifi.jpgI have been playing with the Dashcode editor in Leopard. One of the first things I did was try to create something that would clip a RSS feed for Sound Transit alerts about Sounder. After combing the web site I found that of all the feeds that soundtransit.org offers, there was not one for just Sounder alerts. I thought this was odd, so I spent a little more time looking. Gave up. Then emailed the webmaster. Of course I figured that I would never hear back from them. Well yesterday, I received a reply that said “good idea! We will look into that”. I was somewhat impressed that I got a response. What really impressed me today was that I received another response that they created the RSS! Wow, I can change the world! So you OS X users who ride the train, watch for my Sounder Alerts widget coming soon! For those of you that want it here is the feed:


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