Otto May be Diabetic

Our cat Otto as of late has had, what would best be called “bladder issues”. We finally got him to the vet today and discovered that he has lost two pounds (hard to tell when your cat is a giant fur ball) . When you combine that with other symptoms, he may be diabetic. We have to wait for the blood test to comeback and confirm the diagnosis. I do not look forward to giving my cat shots everyday, hey wait a minute, I married a nurse! So the day Otto needs to have Ubuntu installed or help with OS X I’ll be there for him.

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  1. David the Hovik says:

    There was a guy at work whose cat was diabetic and the cat only needed a diet change, so you can hope it’s type 2 rather than insulin dependent. I also can’t really picture you guys taking his blood glucose poking a paw a couple times a day. What if he loses some feet? Will you modify one of your robots for him? Never Fear! Rest assured if something like that happens to my little godcat I’ll donate my radio controlled hover thingie for him so he can get upstairs like a fur-bearing Dalek!
    ‘Nuf Said.

  2. Jeff says:

    Ya know, I have that old Roomba hanging around. If he did loose a paw we might be able to modify it to make him mobile… and the carpet would stay clean. Mmmmm

  3. Jeff says:

    Update: We heard form the Vet. Otto gets a clean bill of health. We think the 2 pounds of weight loss may be due to the change in food a while back. One designed to make fat cats thinner šŸ˜‰

    So this means we are dealing with “behavior” issues. So we going to start taking steps to make his water, food and litter box as feline friendly and clean as we can and see if that helps.

  4. Jeff says:

    Update: Well we are pretty sure now that Otto is “marking” his territory. A second litter box has not helped. Next step, change brands of litter?

  5. Jeff says:

    We have made some changes, like making sure the cats water source is always fresh, added a second litter box. So far we have had just one incident.. so me may be on our way to solving this problem.

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