My Phone is OK


Well my phone is more than OK, it’s great. If you were wondering how my iPhone did after the last update from apple, it’s just fine. Apple did announce last week that this latest update might make an unlocked phone inoperable. My phone is not unlocked, but I did use to install and run third party applications. I also used iToner to install my own ring tones. Apple did hint that the week before last that 3rd party apps like would not be supported. So before I applied this latest update, I did a restore on my phone.

Wouldn’t you know it? This latest update not only make unlocked phones inoperable, but also disabled and iToner. The authors of both products are working franticly to get them working again. As of this morning there is a hack to downgrade your phone to the previous version. I’m not going to go that route. I’ll just wait until until they figure out how to get around the latest road blocks. I do not need to unlock my phone, I’m already switched to AT&T. Even though there were some cool apps showing up for the iPhone, there was nothing I could live without for now.

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