I still Love my iPhone … but….

OK so one of the things about my new iPhone that I did not like was that the ringer volume was too quite. Even when set to the highest value. I noticed that some people in the apple support forums were complaining too. So I compared volumes at the local Apple Store. Both me and the Apple clerk agreed that my phone was quieter than the store phone. Both at max volume and playing the same ring tone. When I cam back I caught up with Mark at the office who also has an iPhone — his was much louder. So I called Apple Support. I inquired about exchanging the phone. Turns out that’s not possible. I have to ship it to them for repair. When I asked how long I could expect to go without my phone… I was offered a loaner, for $29. Asked about just exchanging the phone. Sure I could do that, since I was in the first 14 days, I would just have to pay the 10% restocking fee. So I could get a new one for $60, go without a phone for days while mine is repaired, or spend $29 to have a loaner.

I grumbled a little about that, really, just a little, but they still waived the $29 loaner charge. I can say that my experience that Apple was very good about the whole thing. But I wonder how others will fare.
My only concern at the point it, do I have a lemon? Should I have just paid the 10% re-stocking fee to start with a brand new phone?

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