First iPhone in Tacoma!!!

Update: I made the TNT: June 30, 2007 Tacoma News

Yeah, you heard me. I was 5th in line at my AT&T store. Scott showed up 15 min. before zero hour with his video camera. Since Robin had set up the account with AT&T the day before, the transaction was quick and smooth thanks to Marie the AT&T Rep. I did make her laugh when I walked up to her and she asked “what can I do for you today?” and I answered in a straight deadpan serious voice “i would like a Razr please, blue if you have it?”Anyways, I was the first out the door with an iPhone in my hand, greeted by a enthusiastic crowd. Scott and I Ran down to the SBUX down the street with my Mac Book Pro and used the t-mobile hot-spot (irony – since I am leaving t-mobile to go to AT&T) to activate the phone and filmed the unboxing. Could not activate it because the AT&T servers were too busy. Went home, had it activated within an hour. Watch for Scott’s video on youtube.Went to Scott’s soon after words and we played with it. All I can say is this phone does live up to the hype. It will change the industry. One of the first things I did was play this video on youtube. Sorry Mr. Balmer — YOU LOSE.We were able to quickly figure out all the functions, no manual needed. One thing I found funny. Even though I had only had the phone in my paws less than a couple of hours, I found the interface.. just .. so easy. So while Scott was playing with the iPhone I picked up his Black Jack. My phone number was still on the display, so I decided to call my iPhone. I tapped my name on the screen and nothing happened. So I tapped it a second time, of course nothing happened. I had already gotten to the point that “all machines should react to my touch” mentality. I found it darn right cavemanish to press a physical button!

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