This Darn DST Thing

ClockYa know this DST thing is just making me mad. We had an act of congress and two years to get ready for this and people are still panicking. I know of at least one MS employee who was working this problem with his laptop over the weekend next to his wife and unborn child after they were admitted to the hospital.

I have my own worries. The application I support at work has not had vendor support for over 2 years. If there is a DST patch for the client, there is no where to get one. With out going all geeky, I can not see a reason why it would need to be. If it does blow up at 2:01AM this Sunday — well there is not much I can do. My only hope would be to install a Flux Capacitor and run the client at 88MPH. Just not sure where I would get the 1.21 Gigawatt’s of power from.

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