Still No Power

Well this morning we did our annual Santa Breakfast with my family. After both Mom and Jennifer got their power back.

We spent the afternoon cleaning the fridge of perishables and saving what we could with ice filled coolers.

Barb and Gary, like us, have no power. They have heat but no hot water or stove.

So they are bringing over dinner tonight, Omaha Steaks delivered to Gary on Thursday, Our BBQ has plenty of gas. They provide dinner, we let then have a hot shower, works for me!
I have a power inverter hooked up to the car to charge laptops and phones. Unfortunately it’s not powerful enough to run the espresso machine! it’s only a 150W and 15 amps worth.
We are still doing fine. The gas fireplace is heating the house “OK”. Our hot water heater is working. The gas stove works just fine. and the laptops are able to provide us with news from the outside world and play our DVD’s…

We hope that you are all as lucky. We will post more tomorrow.

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