Day 5

TiVo Booting Up! Yeah!!Word from KGHP is that we will not have power until at least Friday. We have not seen any crews in the area yet.
Well through total serendipity I was at Shuck’s Auto last night and heard the rep behind the counter say something like “We are usually open until 8, but we are staying open later tonight. We are waiting for a truck with generators..”. My ears perked up on that one… Long story short — I waited for the truck, and we now have a 3500 Watt Generator. The ONLY generator. Seems that even though they were expecting 8-10 of them, only one arrived on the truck and it’s now ours!

It’s a noisy SOB, so I ran it for 10 minutes last night, plugged in the entertainment center and watch TV for 30 seconds to make sure the wind did not put the dish out of alignment and then turned it off. Tonight when we get home… we are going to have heat AND power!

Note: Talking to one of the crew at Shuck’s he asked I lived. When I told him, he just whistled and said “Man, I heard that area just got NAILED!” I nodded my head and said “oh yeah”.

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