A Big Thanks

On Generator Powerthe panel hackA big thank you to John at the office who help me get over my fear of high voltage. With his help and tutelage we were able to safely hook up the generator to the house. The Haws Fortress is up and running on emergency power. Our DSL and phone lines are up. The furnace is running, everything is cool Warm! And most importantly the espresso machine! The espresso machine actually causes the generator to work harder than the refrigerator or furnace fan! it causes the lights to flicker.

We saw utility crews in the area last night when I got home. However I think it was just some sort of survey or re-con crew. A quick drive around the block this morning shows no work on the lines yet.

It’s funny how you get paranoid in situations like this. A 6:15 AM this morning as I was filling up the gas tank on the generator, I noticed a truck drive slowly in the entrance of our cul de sac. A few mins later I hear someone trying to talk to me from the street level. I could not hear them over the generator so, I walked down. Some young guy claiming to have run out of gas. I told him I had just put the last five gallons in my generator (true), but was suspicious. So I told him where the gas station was .5 miles down the road.

After I started the generator, I drove down the street and and saw him walking down the street with a gas can. So figured it was not a scam, and gave him a ride to Anderson’s and back. Guess I have been watching Jericho too much 😉

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