Starting the Job Hunt

So I started today with the job hunt today. Placing my resume out there online. If you would like to help you’ll see a resume page here on HAWS.NET – feel free to send that around :-)

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Small Details

Added a small ingen logo to the jeep.


Added ingen logo to the jeep

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Jeep Badge of Honor

IMG_7369So back in September I took the Jeep to Utah and met up with friends in Moab. Spent time  doing some awesome off-roading. I also learned about the “jeep badge of honor” mobile app.

It took over 3 months but I have received my first badge. I just have to figure out where to place them. Inside on the dash? Outside on the body?


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My First Dx – From Hawaii

So while sitting on a beach join the north shore of Kauai with my KX3 and center feed dipole antenna strung in the trees – I made a QSO in Arizona.

So I was sitting there for the longest time calling CQ up and down 10 meters and came up empty. However late in the afternoon I stumbled onto a net running at 28.445. When I heard the call for any other station that want to check in I called out. Net Control could barley make me out, however another station on the net could hear me just fine and relayed.

Now the “I’m new to the hobby” part. They asked me for my 10-10 number. I had no idea what that was – but obviously I was butting in some sort of club net. They did not care, they were happy to let me join in. I was number 8 to check in. By the time Net Control made it to check in number 43,  the 10 meter band was falling apart and quickly as it was late in the afternoon. I was never able to pick them up after that.

So the cool part of this for me was that I was running the KX3 on batteries which means a max limit of 5W of power. So I was able to talk with someone in Arizona 2,900+ miles away while sitting on the beach and watching the surf on 10 meters with less power that a compact florescent bulb. No infrastructure other than two radios. How freaking cool is that. I am so loving this hobby..

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HAM in the News

It’s always good to see this sort of thing in the news, ever since getting my license in June 2014 I have been wanting to join the Western Washington Medical Services Team. I just need to get some take some training with PHRC.

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I just might be broadcasting from the USS Missouri!

So tonight I was on the 10 Meter Tacoma Radio Club net. I was talking about our up coming trip to Hawaii. We will be on Oahu for two short days, I just found out that there is a amateur radio club that operates and maintains the radio room on the USS Missouri. It’s short notice, but I just sent of a email to the operators. If we can work out a schedule and time, I just might be able to broadcast from the USS Missouri radio room. How cool would that be?

Radio Room

The Radio room of the USS Missouri

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26 Years…

So today at about 11:10 AM I was told thank you for my years of service, but Group Health has decided that my position is no longer needed.

This day has been looming over me for almost two years, and GHC has been cutting positions in all departments. Over the last two years I have seen people I have worked with my entire career given the same news I was given today. In the last 18 months I have seen over 500 years of GHC IT experience alone leave. It’s hard to be on either side of these cuts. It was even harder to deliver it to Robin – who cried as I told her. I was doing “OK” up until that point. Hearing your spouse cry on the phone as you deliver bad news will bring anyone to tears.

I had two options, pack my stuff and vacate the office today, or sit around for two weeks in a dead man walking fashion. I chose to pull the rip cord and just leave. I’ll be able to say my good byes to friends and coworkers at another time.

Group Health is pretty much the only culture I know. I’m not sure what is ahead for me, however I have until July to figure it out. I have severance that will take me into next August and one year of COBRA coverage.

After our planned Hawaii vacation in November I’ll be working on a resume and curating an ignore LinkedIn profile. Don’t be surprised if I hit you up for a recommendation.

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Broadcasting from Hawaii

Well we are going to the Island of Kauai this November and I will be bringing my KX3 radio and a power supply. I’m going attempt to make contact on the mainland on 10 meters using a maximum of 10 Watts. I’m bringing a center 10m center feed dipole lent to me by my neighbor Chris (KG7NFF) and looking forward to seeing what I can do.

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Wake up and smell the bacon with Oscar Mayers new iOS app

Wake up and smell the bacon with Oscar Mayers new iOS app.

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Fish on Wheels frees your guppy from the tyranny of the tank video

Fish on Wheels frees your guppy from the tyranny of the tank video.

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