Planning Ahead

Those of you that know me, know that I love my eggnog in July. For years now every New Years I squirrel away a quart or more of eggnog and place it in the freezer. I usually break it out during the Fourth of July. Sometimes on June 25th,  midway between last Christmas and the next. Also known as Leon Day (that’s Noel spelled backwards).

Robin and I love this tradition. There’s nothing like having eggnog french toast and eggnog lattes on the July Fourth weekend.

IMG_8850.JPGThis year we have had temperatures in the 90’s so to help cool down the family room 1/8 of a degree or so, I placed the eggnog in front of the fan.

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When your Refrigerator Needs a New IP Address

So you thought that the water drought we are having was bad. This article points out that the supply and demand for IPV4 addresses are reaching critical levels. They have been for a while, and yet IPV6 (around since 1998) which gives US something like 340 Trillion, Trillion, Trillion, yes that a Trillion X 3, new addresses is not being adopted quick enough. It’s coming down to crunch time in the next couple of years

With the burst of needed addresses coming with  the “internet of things” this is only going to get worse. This article is only the first of many you’re going to see on the subject. Trust me on that. I’m going to be curious what metaphor the nightly news is going to use to explain this to our parents.

Hopefully we will move to IPV6 soon. If not, I’m going to have to use the phrase in the not too distant future: “I’m still waiting for a new IP address for my kayak, AT&T says it may be another couple of weeks”


Businesses wanting to get their own IPv4 addresses are going to have a hard time: ARIN has run out of large blocks.

Source: IPv4 blocks have dried up, now there’s a waiting list


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My First Field Day

My Station. Thank goodness we brought our own shade.

Thank goodness we brought our own shade.

So Chris (N7CPM) and I both did our first Field Day together. It was fantastic. We setup camp not far from the area we planned, because it was perfect. We ended up on Cle Elum Point. A rocky cliff 4,000 feet about Cle Elum and I-90. Of course it was a place only the Jeep could go. Since we were dispersal camping we had to load everything including water for the three days we were there. So it combined two things I love, over-landing and Amateur Radio.

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I just Sent an Email to Robin in the Most Spectacular Way – and she Couldn’t Care Less ಠ_ಠ

So I configured my KX3 Radio to do APRS and used my iPhone to as a TNC (see my story about APRS) and used APRS to send an email message via radio.

So it works like this, APRS has a way to send messages to other HAMS. There are also APRS internet gateways, or i-gates. In other words when a APRS packet reaches a HAM Radio that is hooked up to a computer working as an i-gate, those packets are passed onto the internet where they can be used for things like vehicle tracking or sending messages. There is even an email gateway out there.

What does this all mean? It means that on Field Day when Chris and I are way out of range of any cell service and high in the mountains, I can send an email via APRS. So that’s what I did today. Testing this all out, I sent an email from my KX3 radio to Robin – and she WAS NOT IMPRESSED!

Oh, well in her defense she is used to this sort of thing when it comes to me.

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One Less Tongue Twister

Since my neighbor Chris and I got our licenses at the same time, his call sign of KG7NFF has always been a tough one for me since mine is KG7MPF. So when calling out on two meters “KG7MPF for KG7NFF” I have a tendency to get tongue-tied.

Well no more, Chris received his vanity call sign today, he managed to get one that ended with his initials. So now he is N7CPM. All this just makes me want to find just the right vanity call sign. Maybe something that would go with the theme of the Jeep?

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It’s Official!

FCC LicenseSo I received the email from the FCC this morning. The paper work went through and my license is now officially upgraded to general class. No more calling out “temp AG” at the end of my call sign.  So looking forward to Field Day this Saturday with Chris/KG7NFF from

Things have changed since getting my tech license just a year ago. Instead of the FCC mailing me a copy of my license via the USPS, it’s now done via a PDF for me to print and use. That speeds things up a bit.


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Happy Birthday Mr. Turning

v3-turing-rxSo you remember that movie last Christmas The Imitation Game? The movie that stars Benedict Cumberbatch showing Alan Turning‘s role as the father computer science. Well today is his birthday. Spend this day in wonder as you read this blog post and others. For the roots of modern computers and even the encryption that you use online to do your banking are due to this brilliant man. Say nothing of his role in ending WWII.

So as you shop on Amazon, or as you’re setting up encryption so that the NSA cannot read your grocery list, remember Mr. Turning today on his birthday.

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Did I Just Hear GLaDOS in the Aurora Trailer?

Checking out trailers on Apple TV today and found a movie called Aurora. Looks to be a post apocalyptic the robots won kind of movie. So near 2:07 in this trailer is a very familiar voice. Fans of the game Portal will catch it right away.


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I have my General License KG7MPF/AG


My KX3 hooked up to the Mac running MacLoggerDX

As of 8PM tonight I  passed my FCC exam and upgraded my license to General Class. So Field Day in just under two weeks is going be AWESOME this year. Right now I’m in the back yard trying to setup the KX3 while blogging this wonderful news and sipping a glass of wine.

Facebook Memories reminded me that on this day one year ago my call sign showed up in the FCC database. That means it was the first I could transmit. No need to wait this time around, even before the test results can be published on the FCC site, I can just add a “TEMP AG” to the end of my call sign and can start working all the new Hight Frequency bands available me! Time to work the world!!


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There are Others…

IMG_7934So while coming back from my general license class the other night, I stopped in at McDonald’s to pick up a smoothie on the way home. As I pulled up to the payment window the employee behind the counter asked if I had seen his Jurassic Park motorcycle parked in front of the building. I confessed that I missed it. So after picking up my order I drove around to locate it and snapped a photo. Just to show you that there are others out there. I did not get the owners name, however if you’re reading this and you too have a Jurassic Park  vehicle, then you need to check out the Jurassic Park Motor Pool.

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