Protection for my KX3

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I did not bring my KX3 on my last hike up to Camp Handy because I do worry about how to protect it when hiking. Well I discovered the Side KX for my radio. A simple indigenous way to protect … Continue reading

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Signing up for a General Class

I found a General License class in Gig Harbor that, if I pass, I will have my general in time of Field Day. I will finally be able to use the power of the KX3 to it’s full advantage.

If you are in the Tacoma Gig Harbor area and interested in going to General, here is a link to the class info.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.06.03 PM






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Camp Handy

Though our new meet up group – Out of the Cube Adventures three of use went on a hike last Sunday on the Upper Dungeness River Trail #833. A gentle slope with little elevation gain and a round trip of 7 miles to Camp Handy and back.. Of course I took my Biolite stove and gill along. Grill a small steak and some red peppers. I have found for day hikes that it’s easier to bring a small back of kiln dried wood pre-chopped into little 4” bits and bring them in a plastic zip lock. It only weight a couple of ounces and the dry wood catch quickly. As a matter of fact on this trip I failed to pack any sort of fire starters for some reason. So I used some notebook paper to light stove. Since I had the nicely died wood it ignited quickly. Had I needed to collect rules from around the damp Camp Handy Shelter it might have been a bit more difficult.

The trail was in good condition. The section between the Royal Basin junction and Still Creek has a lot of running water in some sections. Still not bad at all for a early spring hike in the olympics.

Of course I made a small movie. I did not take as many photos/videos as would have liked to.


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Harbor HAM

My neighbor and fellow HAM KG7NFF has started a his own HAM radio blog. Be sure to visit Harbor HAM. I love the logo!


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Random Wire

I tried making a slingshot/fishing reel combo mounted on a board so  could launch a fishing line up into one of the trees in the back yard. As it turns out I went too cheap on the fishing reel, a $13 set from Big5 Sports. I was still able to get a line up though. Just by laying out enough fishing line on the ground and attaching a weight, which I shot using the slingshot.

Once I had the fishing line up in the tree, I attached twine to the lien, and brought it over the branch. Attached wire to the twine, then brought the wire up into the tree. I then and a random wire antenna about 40’to 50′ in the tree. Hooked up the KX3. Since it was already late in the afternoon 10 meters was dead. However I had my neighbor KG7NFF come by with his Yaesu QRP radio.

I need to perfect my method for getting a wire up in a tree so that it’s light and portable. Then I’ll have a great method to get a antenna high up when I and in the woods with the KX3.

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Mounting my KX3 in the Jeep

kx3mountSo while looking at ways to mount the KX3 into the Jeep I found a Daystar mount for cellphones and GPS’s. Not the answer for my KX3, however the instructions for that mount lead to the discovery of a small screw in the bottom of my dashboard cubby. I bought a simple joiner from Ace Hardware, put a 90˚ bend in it then added a RAM Universal Holder. So when all said and done this is what I ended up with. Now  I just have to route the power and antenna leads and I will be mobile on all bands!


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Another Trip to Lower Lena Lake

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So had  another hike with the Out of the Cube Adventures. This time to Lower Lena Lake.It ended up with just two of use going. Thank goodness it was someone I knew, our good friend Rebekah. She also carpooled with … Continue reading

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Starting the Job Hunt

So I started today with the job hunt today. Placing my resume out there online. If you would like to help you’ll see a resume page here on HAWS.NET – feel free to send that around :-)

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Tahuya State Forrest HAM and Jeep

So for FYBO (Freeze Your Buns Off) radio event, my neighbor Chris (KG7MPF) and I went to Tahuya State forrest and took the Jeep to Mud Lake, where we set up his buddy pole. I’ll let him tell you about it at his blog on, complete with video…

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Small Details

Added a small ingen logo to the jeep.


Added ingen logo to the jeep

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